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Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program UFO's
For five years, from 2007 to 2012, the Pentagon ran a $22 million program that investigated reports of UFOs. The program investigated accounts by military personnel and commercial pilots who witnessed unidentified aircraft that appeared to move or hover without visible signs of propulsion or lift, the reports said.

One of the sightings investigated had been captured on videotape, released in August, showing a white oval object the size of a commercial plane as it was chased by a pair of Navy fighter jets off of San Diego in 2004, the Times said.

A just released report.
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  • Doug
Just swamp gas.....or Venus rising....
And when in doubt, they got this Philip Klass-weather balloon chart, to guide/tell them what they see.

[Image: Ol6GeI8l.jpg]
Call me when they spend .22 Million on investigating over three decades of ET contact.
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