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A tree-grove in a giant symbiosys
I remember reading a report, IIRC, about a whole large plantation of orange-trees that had a massive root-system that had grown together underground - that connected ALL the trees in the plantation. I might be wrong regarding them being orange-trees, but I think it was somewhere in southern USA, or Mexico, where they discovered this. The trees where planted as independent plants, but over the years all the trees roots had grown together (literally) like a humongous "entity", that acted "as one". Maybe someone here remember this, and can correct me (cant find the article when I search on this now). I think they discovered it when all the trees in this large plantation reacted to some environmental effect - meaning all the trees got affected instantly, in a manner/speed that other trees in a grove wouldn't, when affected of some decease. Otherwise it takes a bit of time for all the trees to get affected, but here they all got affected in a rapid speed that wasn't "natural". I leave room for me remembering this incident incorrectly, but as I said; someone here might remember the story.

Speaking of trees and forests; I saw this kinda bizarre "conspiracy-theory"-video from some Russian guy, I think it was, (which had be translated to English here), which stated that; There Are No Forests On Earth. I can say I only mustered/had time, to watch some 5-10 minutes of it (which didn't make sense), but if someone are interested in watching it, please report back with a summary. Smile

There Are No Forests On Flat Earth

PS: Got me thinking about M. Night Shyamalan's bizarre movie, with Mark Wahlberg; The Happening. The "revenge of the trees". One day maybe, they all get fed up with us pruning them, cutting them down, and eat their "children" (fruits), and decide to get even. Wink

The unofficial "honest" trailer of; The Happening. Smile

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