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A Supernatural Incident in the Vietnam War
Michael Grosso relates an interesting experience of a soldier in the Vietnam War:

Quote:I was told this by a police officer from Clifton, New Jersey, in 1983, and we made a written record of his experience.  In 1968, Celestino V. was stationed at a base in Bien Hoa, 15 miles north of Saigon, with the U.S. Army’s 101st Airborne Division. Located on the plains of the Mekong Delta and flanked by native villages.

One night in February the air raid siren went off while Celestino was asleep in the barracks.  The base was under rocket attack and all personnel had to take shelter in the adjacent bunkers. Celestino got down behind a reinforced partition just outside the entrance to the bunker.

Barely a moment had passed behind the reinforced partition when he heard a voice cry out: “Celestino! Get back here!”  He looked toward the rear of the bunker. He knew two of his friends were back there but the yellowish smoky light blocked his vision. “Who’s that?” he called back. And again he heard: “Celestino!  Get back here!” The voice was clear and authoritative.  “I’m all right!” he yelled.  He was annoyed because he couldn’t see who was calling him.

Read the rest here:
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