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Tressoldi/Marwaha Psi Survey
The SPR is publicising a survey about psi being conducted by Sonali Bhatt Marwaha and Patrizio Tressoldi. It's open to psi researchers and theoreticians, and "interested observers of the field":

The subject matter seems to be various theories of psi. On the first page, participants are asked whether they are familiar with the following:
Consciousness Induced Restoration of Time Symmetry Model
Decision Augmentation Theory
First Sight Theory
Model of pragmatic information
Multidimensional geometries models
Quantum Mechanics (QM) approach
Nonlocal consciousness viewpoint
Observational theories
Multiphasic model of precognition
Trident Model of Body-Mind-Consciousness

I wonder how many people are. I have some idea about perhaps two them, but others I've never even heard of. As far as I can see, three of the ten aren't even mentioned in the "Handbook for the 21st Century".
"There are more things in philosophy than are dreamt of in heaven and earth."
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In case anyone else was wondering about the Trident Model of Body-Mind-Consciousness, here's a summary:

"This model stands on the psychological base of Yoga theory, incorporating the principles of Advaita philosophy and Western empirical research. The Trident Model (T-M) may be understood at two levels: the psychological level, and the metaphysical level. At the psychological level, the emphasis is on epistemological dualism i.e. knowing with or without sensory mediation. At the metaphysical level it is  process monism. In this view, the reality principle may be considered as consisting of ontologically distinct consortium of substance but as process continuum that involves quantitative and qualitative jumps from body to mind and mind to consciousness. This tripartite link between the Body, Mind and Consciousness, forms the basis of the Trident (Triśūla) model, with the Mind occupying a central position in both cognitive, transcognitive and transcendental phenomena, forging a growth from knowing to being to experience sat-cit-ānanda."

I hope that helps.
"There are more things in philosophy than are dreamt of in heaven and earth."
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