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Spirit communication through balloon movement?
Quote:I bought a balloon for Nicole's birthday (She is in the Spirit World). Nicole's bday was Thursday.  I bought two pink balloon and let one go with a note on it Thursday night.  I clipped the ribbon from the other one and let it go to the 10' ceiling.  The next day the remaining pink balloon came down to my face level, hovered for me to see it in front of me, then it went from the living room to the hallway, down the hallway to the Spirit Communication Room, hovered at face level in the middle of the room, that is when I ran and got me cellphone and came back and started filming.  What happened next is a trip.  Nobody would believe me if I had not caught it on tape. It was in my living room but caught my attention as it hovered in my hallway so I followed balloon as it went down my hallway skipping my bedroom/bathroom, and going into my Spirit room. It is in this room that I do readings and hold circles to communicate with Spirit. Nicole's balloon then went into the middle of the Spirit Room and as I stepped in the Spirit Room also, I feel intense Angel energy throughout my body. Then this balloon then moves to and hovers at the yellow roses which are in memory of my brother Ron. After that the balloon goes back in the hallway. Now I am feeling the angel energy even stronger, I asked the balloon to either go back in the living room or my bedroom so that I can see the movement and confirm that there is Spirit energy working. The balloon goes back out into the living room and then to my front door where I open the front door and then balloon hovers around and then flies away in the sky.

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