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Sparrow, Spirit Guides and ET
Found this on another forum, posted by 'mac' who has a permanently inserted corn cob up his butt. Being a Modern Spiritualist (WTFever that means) he is adamant that there are no beings other than incarnates and discarnates - which is in and of itself a laffer since we have many accounts of the choice of ET to incarnate in a human vessel. Big Grin


It is rare when Spirit addresses the existence of ET, a few have done so ala Leslie Flint's physical mediumship. It is rare when ET doesn't bring forth information about the misnomered 'afterlife' and its inhabitants. Strange but true.

Which brings us to the realization that if you want information about ET, ask ET. If you want explicit information about Spirit...ask ET. Wink
Existence is not subject to time; time is subject to Existence.
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