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Seeking the Good
Is there a God, a Benevolence, a Platonic Form that is aligned with the moral principles we associate with The Good?

"We stood across from each other like two libertines.

I think it was then that I told him truly why I was not on his side -

 Because the Good was more of an adventure."
     -Roberto Calasso, Ruins of Kasch

More to follow, but a place to begin the search:

Can't embed two videos so here's a link to more info:

Quote:Stephen Sackur talks to a man with a remarkable story which has earned him accolades and admiration around the world. Sir Nicholas Winton is now 105 years old. When he was just 29 he helped rescue more than 600 mostly Jewish children from Nazi persecution in Czechoslovakia. He hates being labelled a hero but Sir Nicholas Winton is living proof that individuals can make an extraordinary difference. What motivated him?
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Twice a hero, the second time for seeing one hundred and five.
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