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Re-evaluating the ET hypothesis: Dolan and Friedman
In this video interview from 2016, Richard Dolan shares his thoughts about re-evaluating the ET hypothesis among the other hypotheses that have appeared in the intervening decades (interdimensional, time travel, black budget, simulation, etc.), and explains why he still supports the original idea, with some caveats.

In this video from 2017, Stanton Friedman (starting at about 10:00) discusses the ET hypothesis in relation to the possibility of space travel, along with the topics of critiquing our world's current state and direction with that information, the important and problematic role of media coverage about UFOs, and the current state of UFOlogy, among others.

Meanwhile, in this article (How Science Closes Minds — The Extraterrestrial Phenomenon: Our Adherence to the Scientific Method Limits Rational Discourse), experiencer and anthropologist Dr. Lisa Galarneau discusses the scientific applicability of the topic.

And finally here's a documentary about the history of the subject.

Anyone having thoughts on the topic they want to share or discuss is very welcome.
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UFOs and the simulation hypothesis. I was just curious about this and so found this:

John Prytz, Why Aren't Aliens Already Here? Extraterrestrials and the Simulation Hypothesis

Quote:I have stated, again and again that I believe the simulation HYPOTHESIS has a strong claim to being correct. If the simulation hypothesis is correct then clearly UFOs are also a simulated part of that overall simulated landscape, and of course they cannot be a threat to our "real" existence since we don't have a "real" existence. But they might be a threat to our simulated existence, just like a virtual reality being in our video games can be terminated. So while a major threat to our simulated existence is the entities that control the simulation, simulated events within the simulation can also be a threat to life and limb. A simulated tornado can terminate a simulated being just as much as a real tornado can terminate a real person.

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