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Psi Encyclopedia
I know there's a thread for text resources but I thought this deserves a thread to itself.

The Psi Encyclopedia is a resource which attempts to provide some balance to the negative bias towards psi that we are used to from Wikipedia, RationalWiki, CSI(COP), The Skeptic's Dictionary and countless sceptic blogs.

Quote:Some scientists are known to sympathize with psi experimentalists, who use well-established statistical methods and robust methodology: the possibility of psychic experience has been seriously considered by an impressive number of Nobel prize winners and other eminent people. However, a vocal minority of sceptics –  often active in sceptic organisations – campaign in books, articles and in the media against psi research, disparaging it as 'pseudoscience' and disputing its conclusions.

In recent years this conflict has spread to the Internet, notably the free encyclopedia Wikipedia, where editors hostile to ‘fringe science’ routinely edit articles on psi research to make them conform to their view.  As a result, articles that were originally written by knowledgeable experts have become adulterated with misleading claims and assertions.

The Psi Encyclopedia is being created by the Society for Psychical Research, funded by a bequest, to provide a more informative view of psi research (also referred to as ‘psychical research’ and ‘parapsychology’), one that reflects the findings of experimenters and investigators. The project began in 2014 and by May 2017 offered nearly 200 entries written by more than 40 authors and experts.  Readers are asked to bear in mind that this is a work in progress, a multi-year project that will see numerous additions, changes and improvements.
"I shall not commit the fashionable stupidity of regarding everything I cannot explain as a fraud.” ― C.G. Jung
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