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Police Chief "See a Medium" !
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Here's a video interview:

Quote:A personal tragedy 38-years-ago led one Rhode Island police chief to open a very different kind of investigation - is there an afterlife?
John LaCross says he found answers in psychic mediums, although skeptics claim they just use knowledge of human nature and generalisations.
A personal tragedy 38-years-ago led Barrington Rhode Island police chief John LaCross to open a very different kind of investigation.
"Being a cop you need proof, you need evidence, you need facts, you need clues, you need everything to build a solid case," he says.
LaCross' only brother Joseph LaCross died in 1979 when he was 21-years-old.
After his brother's death by suicide, LaCross was at a loss for answers, he even went to see several mediums.
One of them, Maureen Hancock, relayed details about his brother's death that were not public information.
"So I said; 'Well, Maureen you got his age, he was 20, you got it was over 20 years ago, it was like 25," recalls LaCross.
"You said he committed suicide, which he did, you said he hung himself, which he did, but you haven't given me his name."
Her answer to him helped make him believe.
"She goes, she says; 'It's a J name, Joseph,' I said; 'Yeah.'"
Hancock explains her theory on what she believes happens after death: "When the physical body is done here in this earthly experience, the energy continues, and it's almost like it lifts up and out, the energy is like an imprint that sticks around."
The experience made a lasting impression on LaCross who carried it over into his police work.
Helping connect people dealing with grief, including the loss of a child, with Hancock and other mediums.
"They came back and they were just amazed how accurate she was and how connected they were to their children," says LaCross.
"And it resolved a lot of heavy grief, released that grief that they had."
But many are skeptical of the existence of an afterlife, saying mediums use their knowledge of human nature and generalisations.
"Really how it works is mostly asking a lot of questions, throwing out a lot of statements and seeing what sticks," says Michael Shermer, co-founder of The Skeptics Society.
Even some of LaCross's colleagues are skeptics.
"They were kind of busting chops, when I'd ask them something they'd say; 'Wait, chief I'm meditating. Ohm mm,'" he says.
But it's no laughing matter to psychic Matt Fraser and his followers.
"Death is nothing to fear, your loved ones are with you just in a different way," says Fraser.
He does an annual fundraiser for Providence firefighters and gave a reading for Chelsey Russell, an attendee whose boyfriend recently died.
Fraser was able to answer a couple of burning questions that had been plaguing Russell since her boyfriend's death, most importantly - was his death an accidental overdose or intentional suicide?
Fraser said it was accidental.
"Just knowing that he's always here with me, and can clearly hear what I'm saying because he knew about how I wanted to know those two things," says Russell.
LaCross feels he has enough evidence.
"I felt like I have this proof," he says.
"That there is life after death."
Case closed, at least for one police chief.
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