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Paranthropology [Resources]
Usual old recommendations. After 3-5 posts of discussion please make a new thread. This way people who aren't interested in the discussion don't have to wade through a lot of posts to find the next resource.

Phenomenological Convergence between Major Paradigms of Classic Parapsychology and Cross-Cultural Practices: An Exploration of Paranthropology

Quote:A new generation of researchers have begun to contribute to the emerging transdisciplinaryendeavours of paranthropology. This intriguing area of research unifies methodologies andtheoretical perspectives of both parapsychology and anthropology to enhance understanding ofanomalous phenomena related to consciousness. Furthermore, by employing aparanthropological perspective, a number of cross-cultural convergences between disciplines arerevealed. We begin by summarizing a number of major paradigms typically observed in classicparapsychology, followed by a brief historical overview of the development of paranthropologyand its implications for subsequent research. Finally, phenomenological convergences betweenparapsychology and anthropology are discussed, before a final summary of general conclusionsare entertained.

Key Words:
 Consciousness, psi, mediumship, culture, shamanism, magico-religious practices,parapsychology, paranthropology, altered states of consciousness, field research, anomalies
"Life is a pure flame, and we live by an invisible Sun within us."

  -Thomas Browne
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Site for the (FREE) back issues of Paranthropology Magazine.
"Life is a pure flame, and we live by an invisible Sun within us."

  -Thomas Browne
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I just got notification that the Parapsychological Association has posted a new video on YouTube:

Panel discussion: The Emerging Field of Paranthropology
Serena M. Roney-Dougal (Chair), Stanley Krippner, David Luke & Jack Hunter give a brief overview of the fields of transpersonal anthropology, the anthropology of consciousness and - the most recent development in this lineage - paranthropology. The panel outlines the contributions of these fields to the development of a new approach to the investigation of so-called non-ordinary realities which emphasizes the need for ethnographers to participate in the transpersonal practices and experiences of their fieldwork informants.
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This blog by Kim McCaul has some interesting information about psychical phenomena among Australian aborigines:
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I wondered if anyone here had read Ronald Hutton's book, "Shamans: Siberian Spirituality and the Western Imagination" (2001).

Apparently the main focus of the book is on revising beliefs about shamanism that "we think we know". I'm not sure what Hutton's conclusion is, but this is the view of one reviewer:
"Hutton's approach to his subject is sympathetic. In fact, like many of those who have written on this subject, he seems to be something of a cultural relativist. He finds that rationalist interpretations of the shamans' spiritual explorations and their own explanation of what they are doing are functionally equivalent, and from one or two hints, especially in his closing pages, I get the impression that he is prepared to accept shamanic claims that the shamanic world is in some sense real."
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