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Panpsychism In The First Person
Bitbol: Panpsychism In The First Person

Quote:A central presupposition of science is that objectivity is universal. This does not only create a blindspot in knowledge, but also forces one to ignore it. Several strategies were accordingly adopted to overcome this ignorance, along with the standard divide between continental and analytic philosophy. One of them is Phenomenology,with its project of stripping the layers of interpretation by way of a complete suspension of judgment (epoch), and evaluating any claim of knowledge from such a basis of "pure consciousness". Another one is pan-experientialist metaphysics
, that puts back pure experience in the very domain that was deprived of it by the act of objectification. I compare these two approaches, thereby establishing a hierarchy of radicality between avoiding the blindspot from the outset and compensating for it retrospectively.
"Life is a pure flame, and we live by an invisible Sun within us."

  -Thomas Browne

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