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Name that symbol!
Had a thread about this over on Skeptiko, but I never did get a firm answer (I did get a lead on triskelions):

Quote:Figured, with the interests of various people on this forum, someone might be able to help me with this:

In 1998, I was obsessed with the film The Mask of Zorro. In said movie, Zorro has a medallion, and for my birthday that year, my parents gave me the closest match to that medallion that they could find. It doesn't match the one in the movie that well, truth be told, but I wear it to this day.

In the film, the symbols on the medallion represented the unique fencing style the Spaniards used in the 1700s. I have no idea what the symbols on my medallion mean, and neither has literally everyone else who's ever seen it. No one who's seen it has a huge interest in religion, spirituality, shamanism, or the occult/magick, though, and the symbols have that look to them. As some here are into this stuff (much moreso than I), I'm hoping one of you can finally clue me into what I've been wearing around my neck all this time, or at least point me to where I can find out.

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