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Jack Houck's PK Parties
Quote:The technique for metal bending, or any other form of PK for that matter, has three simple steps. First, you connect your mind to what you want to affect by simply thinking about it. Just before I give you the final instructions, I will give you a specific technique for how to do this. There are many other techniques --- and they all work. You certainly are welcome to try other techniques on your own. At PK Parties, I like people to use my technique. We do this connecting between our mind and other things in our society all the time. In remote viewing, we teach people to send their minds out to remote places. For metal bending, we send our mind to the object or goal that we want to affect. When holding the metal, it is real easy to be aware where the object is located. It's hard to miss. In remote PK, the biggest challenge is to get the mind to connect with what the people want to affect. At least in the PK Parties I have people hold the metal so that they get a good mind connection.

The second step is what I call the command. If you imagine your mind connecting to the object, then we simply send this command over that mind link. The command step is something we all do. During a PK Party we shout at the metal. We do this to make the goal clear to our minds. You do not really need to shout. However, I like to do that as a way of getting a group all working together and, if you will, to start getting the peak emotional event. Get the energy going. People get excited. Everyone together shouting at the metal is not only fun, it works. I, personally, had a very hard time shouting at the metal in the early days of the PK Parties because it just wasn't scientific and it is like assigning some consciousness to the metal. Tough idea to accept with our current understanding of physics. However, at the PK Parties, we just let go of our inhibitions and everyone shouts the command "BEND" at the metal. It is really the goal that we want that we are using as the command. It is easy to act silly when you don't know everyone at the party. My next to the worst PK Party was for a group of nine Ph.D. physicists and their families at Los Alamos. All the wives and children bent silverware, but none of the physicists bent. It wasn't that they were physicists because many physicists have been to PK Parties and bent. But these scientists all worked together in a very closed environment and, in a sense, their subconsciouses would not allow them to deviate from the norm. The same phenomenon sometimes occurs between spouses at PK Parties. They are so linked and patterns established at the subconscious level that they do not allow each other to learn this new skill. For this reason, I suggest spouses not sit next to each other at PK Parties.

The third step is what I call "letting go." Releasing. This is something that is not really taught in our society. At the PK Parties, many people learn this step. Sometimes people think that metal bending takes a lot of concentration, and that is not true. It takes a little bit of concentration, and then the command, and then letting go, letting it happen, releasing the thought. The reason I create lots of pandemonium during the PK Parties ---people shouting and screaming, people jumping up and down, wildly bending their silverware --- is to divert their attention --- distract them. When people are sitting there wondering why their fork or spoon is not bending, and they hear others shouting and celebrating, they look over to see what is happening, and that causes them to let go! The best thing you can do to help others bend using PK is to distract them by being silly and loud. I have seen so much PK happen when people finally let go or are distracted --- that's when it happens. This same technique can be used for healing yourself and others with PK --- mind over matter.

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Dean Radin has a web page on his experiences at a spoon bending party.

Quote:After 5 minutes of intently watching the woman attempting to bend a similar spoon, to my surprise my spoon started to bend!  In accordance with previous claims I had read, the bowl momentary felt like putty, and I easily pinched the bowl over as shown.

[Image: spoontop.jpg]
The first gulp from the glass of science will make you an atheist, but at the bottom of the glass God is waiting for you - Werner Heisenberg. (More at my Blog & Website)
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I went to a spoon bending session at a Spiritualist church and it was a total failure. The teacher's spoon broke. I later asked the Pastor how that could happen and he said it happens when you are bending the spoon back and forth. My spoon didn't bend and based on my knowledge of the people who's spoons did bend I think they bent them normally not paranormally.
The first gulp from the glass of science will make you an atheist, but at the bottom of the glass God is waiting for you - Werner Heisenberg. (More at my Blog & Website)

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