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Improvisation: The Astonishing Bridge to Our Inner Music
Improvisation: The Astonishing Bridge to Our Inner Music

Quote:Musical improvisation is the expressive capacity of a performer fostered by access to their own “productive” (creative) or “reproductive” (mnestic) tonal imagery: a field of consciousness that includes experiences, images that are internal, combined, distorted, associated, or in competition between themselves. In the highly original form of life that is jazz, narrating means directing time: a time of epiphanies and introversions, of intuitions and revelations, of syncopated rhythms and aesthetic insights, which appear and disappear on the edges of interference between consciousness and the unconscious. The performing urgency of gestures, voices, and sounds, although arranged in the same scene, highlights the difference in individual time. In this intense activity of opposition and resolution the experience becomes an unstable territory that rests on the capacity of the body to remember, decide, anticipate, and invent. The ego reveals itself to be an emerging representation of our nerve structures and, even if conscious organization continues to be attributed to it, its role is not at all crucial. Unity, if anything,means coordination. The conscious ego is the expression of the body. In its ultimate form its unity is a biological problem.
"Life is a pure flame, and we live by an invisible Sun within us."

  -Thomas Browne
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