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Film podcasts
This is a good film history one, that's gotten rave reviews and is frequently in the top 100 Podcasts in ITunes or something like that: You Must Remember This: The Secret and/or Forgotten History of Hollywood's First Century.

Written and narrated by someone who really does her research. The podcast often does extended series on stories that involve, yes, some political Smile & larger cultural aspects - a very-well received long series on the Manson family murders and the relation to Hollywood, a recent Jean Seberg & Jane Fonda series involving actresses with similar troubled radical politics journeys (Vietnam, Black Panthers, 2nd wave feminism, etc.), another one on Hollywood stars' involvement in WWII, as well as a series on actors/directors/screenwriters that were blacklisted for supposed Communist sympathies during the 40s-50s (McCarthyism).

See the archive here.
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