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False Hawaii Ballistic Missile Alert
FYI I'm not interested in the details of this suspicious possible false flag, not the remarkable coincidence of NBC being in the exact bunker where the false alert originated - only 24 hours prior Huh - or this follow-on 16 Jan 17.

Japan Too ??

What I do want to mention is that the speculation that the ballistic missile supposedly heading for Hawaii was intercepted by extraterrestrial beings. Although this is a potential explanation, it doesn't jive with what the communicating ET community is expressing.

I don't have special access to all ET communications but the ones that I have found to be consistent, real and verifiable emphasize that they have no intention to involve themselves in any limited nuclear exchange . If we want to blow up part of the planet, that's fine with them. It's our planet, we can and will do as we wish.

However, the galactic consequences of an all-out nuclear war will not be tolerated. The implications far exceed our planet, our immediate universe, the extent of which has been explained and is a complex interdimensional energetic disaster.

We will see what we shall see but rest easy, mates, we are not going up in atomic flames as a race anytime soon.
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