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I usually have quite predictable dreams, I remember them quite well as long as I'm not too tired when getting to sleep, and under no time pressure getting up. This one was unusual and interesting:

I was with others, who I didn't recognise but know they were there. I was scribbling on a blank sheet of paper, and we were quite excited because there were short sentences appearing within the light scribbles, something like automatic writing, but I was only scribbling, like colouring in lightly, making no attempt at writing. I could read what was being written at the time, but it made little sense to me or the others, although it was far from nonsensical, maybe ten or fifteen short phrases.

I started with a blank page, to scribble again. This time I had the thought 'clear your mind'. And I started to 'draw' a coat of arms while colouring in with my light shade of pencil, pressing lightly. At the same time my character started to breathlessly bring forth a strangers voice. I had the feeling that it was a ghostly voice that wanted to make itself heard. It had the stress of 'coming from a different dimension' or something. The volume seemed to change, starting off faint, but rising before I 'lost the signal' and it faded once more. 

It was really weird, like a medium bringing someone through. But this was already in another state, the dream state. 

Weird, because mediums are not one of my favoured evidential modes. It was really unusual.
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