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Alien eyes
Hey Pssst or any others who might know-

Yesterday I read this post of some OBE/lucid dreams. The poster is obviously interested in Bashar. She specifically talks about the nature of the eyes of a being that she encountered. 

Wondered if you had any comments. If so, I'll pass along to her. 

See below.


Experience #7: Astral marathon (July 29, 2014)

It is 12:30am and stomach pains just woke me up. In the past two years, most of my chronic health issues have resolved, expect for the gastrointestinal disturbances, which still come and go. Waking up in pain is not unusual for me, and I then have no other choice than to get up and walk around the house for an hour or two until the pain subsides, drinking as much water as I can. At 2:00am I am finally feeling better, and as I go back to bed, I decide to try inducing a projection again. I follow my usual routine, laying down in bed on my back, and meditating until the vibrations come.

About an hour later, the familiar body vibrations start. This time, they are smoother, and there are no audio buzzing sounds. After a while of feeling the vibrations, a window appears in front of me. I eagerly propel myself headfirst through it, and on the other side, I find myself high in the blue sky, flying above green plains. I have full lucidity and clarity, the colors are bright, and the feeling of freedom and expansiveness is awesome. Note that this was the first time that there were no audio buzzing sounds preceding the transition and also the first time that a visual image manifested itself at the point of transition.

From above, I notice a person walking down in the plain. I fly down to take a closer look, and recognize someone I had a secret crush on twenty years ago. He looks like he is in a daze, almost as if he is sleep-walking. Without premeditation, I have the impulse to kiss him and do so. I observe that all the mouth sensations are there, including the wetness. I notice that I seem to have manifested a mouth for this activity, while the rest of my body looks like ephemeral vapor suspended in the air. I must be looking like a flying mouth affixed to a ghost body…

I then ask to experience my higher self, and I immediately find myself back in my body with the familiar vibration sensations. While vibrating in this state, I remember the negative symptoms that followed my 4th experience and decide to check how my brain is doing. Instantly, I find myself looking at my physical forehead from about three feet away. I am not seeing anything else than my forehead: I kind of zoomed in on it, and I am not paying attention to the rest of my body or the physical room. There is a very bright and very intense beam of light shooting out of my physical forehead, maybe two inches in diameter and extending one foot out. It is whitish/bluish-colored, and looks like an intense electric plasma arc, buzzing and vibrating. There is a tremendous feeling of vibrations all over me while I am observing this scene. The following knowing comes to me: ‘Yes, it is very intense, but look, it is working beautifully now.’ I just know all is fine.

I do not remember all of what followed. I know I went back and forth several times between astral planes and my vibrating body. Once, I was in a kind of cartoon dreamscape consisting of three 2D layers containing static Disney characters. Nothing was really happening there, so I moved elsewhere. In another plane, I was flying next to an airplane, trying to hang to a part of it. Several times, I practiced moving through windows and walls to change the landscape: on the other side, I would find myself in a completely different environment with enhanced clarity. That was exhilarating.

At some point, I am standing on the ground somewhere when I decide to try experiencing my higher self again. This time, I have the impulse to just sink into the ground. and find myself in the middle of some kind of dark rocky cave. I am looking around, wondering what this has to do with my higher self, when I notice a path in the rocks. I get closer, and notice that there are engravings in the rock all along the center of the path. I walk along the path, inspecting the engravings: they remind me of the code numbers in The Matrix movie. There also are names, dates, and other symbols engraved. Then I notice something else: there are loose LEGO bricks of various colors and shapes, scattered on top of the engravings. The path in the cave with the engraved symbols and the loose LEGO bricks, later struck me as highly symbolic. After the experience, I did wonder if it could represent my life path as well as tools at my disposition to manifest my reality as I go.

I am now back in my body, lying in my bed. All is quiet, I do not feel any vibrations, yet I have a feeling that I am not awake. I notice that there is someone standing next to my bed, on the right side of my head. I only see his body outline: he is all black, kind of like molten black metal, with a thin white border around his body outline. He is of adult size, and has a muscular male stature. I try to move and to talk to him, to let him know that I have seen him and know that he is there, but I find myself completely paralyzed and unable to talk. It reminds me of sleep paralysis, except that I have no fear what-so-ever. The next morning, I asked my husband if he came close to my bed that night, and he said no. So it wasn’t him I saw there.

I then slept for a while, and woke up around 5:00am to use the bathroom, then I went back to bed and fell asleep quickly.

I am now dreaming that I am walking in my residential neighbourhood, when I suddenly become lucid. Right there, I decide to go meet Bashar, and I immediately find myself being sucked upward, into something that looks like a large circular flying saucer, immobile in the air just above the houses. I find myself in a room that looks like a plain conference room, with rows of chairs facing a white projection screen. I am sitting there, alone in the audience, listening to a guy giving a lecture about how things work in this place. I am not listening to a word of what he is saying. I am getting impatient and I cannot understand why I need to listen to this stuff before I can go on. Finally, the presentation is over and I am directed to a door leading to a tiny corridor. Again, it looks just like a plain corridor one would find in an old Earth appartment. I am hurrying through the corridor, but quickly come to a dead end. I get frustrated because I really want to meet Bashar and cannot stand all these delays. I try moving through the walls as I did in my astral projections earlier that night, but there is nothing on the other side. After I struggle for a while, someone comes to help me and lead me to the exit.

As I exit the corridor, I find myself in a magnificent outdoors landscape: it is a grassy plain with tall grasses of beautiful saturated colors: yellows, pale greens and oranges. While it looks a bit like a large field of grass one would find on Earth, the colors and the grass appearance are different. There also are trees of similar coloring, but they too look different than Earth trees. They remind me a bit of African baobabs with wide trunks and tiny branches on top covered in small leaves. I notice that there is now someone walking next to me, and I recognize April, who works with Darryl Anka at Bashar Communications. I have never met either of them, but I have seen her on recordings. I ask her whether we are on Earth or somewhere else, and she says somewhere else. I ask her why the trees look so Earth-like, and she answers something that makes sense, but later would not remember what. I also ask her if the bodies we have here are the same as our Earth bodies, and she says they look the same but they are different. Note that it is the first time that I have a back and forth interaction with someone in my lucid dreams and astral projections.

We have now arrived to an old three-story stone building, standing on the top of a low hill. A couple of people are waiting inside by the door to greet us. I step in, look around and see that there is a living room on the left side. I spot someone lying down on a couch in a corner of the living room: this being looks extremely old and extremely frail, with a large head. I assume it is Bashar, push everyone out of my way and rush to his side. I zoom in on his right eye: it is large, light-colored, with two large eyelids and two smaller ones that look like membranes. It is not at all what I was expecting to see, but nevertheless I enthusiastically offer my heart. Right at this moment, I feel myself being powerfully sucked backwards, as if sucked by a giant vacuum cleaner. It is a very jarring sensation, and there is no resistance possible. Next thing I know, I am inside a dark room. There is nothing at all. It is not the same thing as the void, just a completely dark room. Two large symbols looking a bit like golden keys appear in front of me. They slowly join and form a pattern where they cross each other. I get the following insight: ‘This symbol means rejection.’ Interestingly, I am not disappointed or reacting negatively, I am just completely surprised.

This ends a long night of astral marathon!

It is the first time that I manifested a body part and enjoyed tactile sensations with it. In my previous experiences, I had not felt like I had a body and had been wondering about it. Note that while projected, I do not seem to have my usual levels of fear and conditionings: I am fearless and uninhibited, spontaneous and completely in the present moment. There is very little thinking and planning. The fact that kissing a sleep-walking character might not be a moral thing to do did not even cross my mind.

I still do not know what this intense beam of light coming out of my forehead represents, but after this experience I started suspecting that the negative symptoms that I had previously experienced had to do with getting used to these higher levels of energy. This is just a speculation on my part, but maybe conscious projections involve energy interactions with the brain of a level beyond what is normally experienced. Maybe this is also why my first experiences involved very intense and jarring vibrations and buzzing sounds, while the later ones were much smoother: maybe my body just needed to get used these new levels of energetic activity.

Finally, I was very puzzled by the whole Bashar lucid dream experience. Nothing in this experience was as I would have expected it, including the ship, which was circular whereas Bashar always described his as being triangular. Recently, after further experiences, I have started suspecting that each time, I am experiencing a different ‘version’ of him reflecting unconscious aspects of myself. I might be discovering my own inner world, with my higher-self using the ‘Bashar idea’ as a carrot dangling from a stick to make me move forward in the astral planes. Just a thought.

Update #1: I am looking into EYE, into 'I'.

Today 7/31/15, almost exactly one year after the above experience, I had an epiphany while reading a recent blog post from my friend Laura: In this experience last year, I was looking directly into Bashar's right eye. I was looking into EYE, into 'I'. That's what was rejected! I rejected myself! How incredibly amazing.

And this reminds me of what Bashar often says: "You have to meet yourself before you can meet us". And that they are beings who do not deny any aspects of who they are, and whoever interacts with them face to face will have to rise to this level: there cannot be any denial of anything.

Update #2: Membrane-like eyelid

On 7/22/16, I ran into this animation on Facebook. I was very surprised because these ET eyes we see in that fictional animation very much remind me of what I saw in the above experience! Two large eyelids, and that membrane-like one that wipes the eye! I wrote that I saw two of those, there is only one in the animation, but other than that it is similar! How interesting, I don't remember every seeing something like that before!

I've asked a friend who does a lot of research into ET contactees if he's ever heard accounts describing such membrane-wiper-like eyelids and he said he did, rarely, but in reptilian-type of ET's. What I saw definitely wasn't reptilian. I have seen several kinds of reptilian beings in a vivid dream last year, they were something completely different. So it is a mystery, but how fascinating!
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