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A wonderful recent book on CORT research
I would like to recommend this very good book by Erlendur Haraldsson and Jim Matlock: I Saw a Light and Came here: Children's Experiences of Reincarnation.

Here is my Amazon review of this important book: 

Quote:I knew both Erlendur Haraldsson and Jim Matlock before I read this book and though I certainly expected it to be informative and well-written, I'm simply overawed by its importance. The book can serve as a general introduction to scholarly reincarnation research, but it also provides invaluable information about the field's state of the art for insiders. In these respects, the book reminds me of Ian Stevenson's "Children Who Remember Previous Lives: A Question of Reincarnation", and if Stevenson is watching us from the other side, I'm sure he must be very pleased with it.
Haraldsson and Matlock demonstrate that the field of reincarnation studies is truly an international affair, both in terms of scholarly investigators and in terms of countries where these cases can be found. The authors both have a separate part in the book, but they obviously concur in most of their (relevant) views. The title "I Saw a Light and Came Here" implicitly refers to intermission memories of an intermediate state between two lives, which are explicitly linked to Near-Death Experiences, Deathbed Visions and After-Death Communications. The obvious, rather overwhelming convergence of data in these subfields of serious survival research is extremely important and refutes the position of critics such as Michael Sudduth, who somehow seem to question the existence of a strong convergence in this respect.
Through their discussion of numerous strong and weak, solved and unsolved spontaneous cases, it becomes clear that reincarnation of the psyche offers the best rational explanation for them. The authors also show that reincarnation research is not limited to establishing the reality or strong plausibility of the phenomenon, but also involves numerous psychological and anthropological analyses of possible mechanisms and characteristics, both of reincarnation and of remembering a previous life. There is almost nothing in this book over which I disagree with the authors, which in itself is quite remarkable!
Both authors are part of the Signs of Reincarnation Facebook group and the importance of this group can be derived, among other things, from some of the cases included in the book.

Mandatory reading for any psychologist, parapsychologist/psychical researcher, philosopher, and social scientist, and recommended more generally for any educated reader who wishes to take life and our personal fate after death seriously, without being limited by an outdated and dogmatic materialistic paradigm.
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