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A possibly precognitive dream
About a year ago I had an interesting dream. I usually only remember my dreams a couple of times a month, and they usually are slightly cartoony; I don't tend to dream of real people I know, but of slightly fantastical / science-fictional settings or 'alternate worlds' (ie cities and people that don't exist in the real world, but feel like they might).

This particular dream struck me quite deeply because of its unusually vivid emotional tone. I felt I was walking on rolling hills, up to a building which was a round, concrete structure that felt 1980s-Brutalist in its construction. The strong sense I had of the building was that it had been some kind of temple, cult or - I thought - Communist Party headquarters.

The building itself was in disrepair. There was a very small restaurant attached serving what I thought of (in the dream) as Turkish food, and the whole place felt like it had been 'frozen in time' in the late 1980s, a bit like the city near Chernobyl. However a local bread company was in negotiations to buy the restaurant and renovate it. I was able to go inside and the building felt a bit like a maze. There was a sense of hidden secrets there.

I woke up with the words 'chicken Kiev' in my head, and wondered at the dream, and filed it in my dream diary.

A couple months ago, I suddenly stumbled on this:

The Buzludzha Monument fits the emotional tone of my dream pretty exactly (though not, interestingly, the exact visual impressions; the round building in my dream was lower to the ground, instead of elevated on a pedestal).

There is no restaurant, but it was opened in 1981-1989, used as Hungarian Communist Party Headquarters, is now closed and in disrepair, and Hungary is very close to Turkey and has similar food.

I have no personal connection to Hungary, and I still don't know why I might have dreamed of this place. 

Regards, Nate
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