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100th Anniversary Of The Miracle Of The Sun
100th Anniversary Of The Miracle Of The Sun

Quote:Friday the 13th of October is the one hundredth anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun -one of the most remarkable High Strange events ever witnessed and the culmination of the Fátima appearances.

I wrote about it at length a few years ago and you can read that post here.

Our Lady of Fátima is a simultaneously challenging and invitational form to approach -surprisingly amenable to dizzying hybridity (see here) and a worthy topic of prayer or contemplation.

She encompasses the eerie and compelling overlaps between traditional religious practice and whatever the UFO phenomena 'are', as well as their mysterious and -as far as I can tell- otherwise redundant interest in the political governance or manipulation of earth. (13s and 17s, eh?)

That's where my fascination with her has long lain. She is there for you but you can't ever really be sure why. An absolute stand-out entity in the constellation of magician's saints and Madonnas -and a great stonking finger in the eye of scientismists and materialists.

Raise a glass.
"Life is a pure flame, and we live by an invisible Sun within us."

  -Thomas Browne
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Thank you, Sci. The idea of raising a glass to the miraculous, made my day.
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