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Spatial Expansion
This is the closest I've come to any paranormal experiences. It's rather mundane compared to some, but it happens with some regularity.

Normally, my sense of self; where "I" am located; is confined to my body. To be extremely precise, "I" seem to be inside of my head and between my eyes, with the rest of my body the space that "I" fill out. Every now and again, however, when I'm lying in bed (tired but fully awake) I have the sensation that "I" have expanded. "I" am no longer located just in my body; "I" fill the entire bedroom, from ceiling to floor, and the width of the bed if not the entire room.

It isn't a sensation I have any control over, it tends to pass just a few seconds after I become aware of it, and it doesn't happen every night, other night, week, or even every other week. But it's happened at least a few times a year for the last several years.
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I don't know if this is exactly what you are experiencing but I have a similar experience. It can happen when I do relaxation exercises or meditation or am just lying in bed. My feeling isn't associated with the room it is like I am floating in space but my boundaries are not limited to any body. Long after I first started experiencing this I learned there is a name for it. There are a series of stages of Buddhist mediation called soft Jhanas and the fifth jhana is called "the base of infinite space":
Quote:Fifth Jhana

The fifth Jhana is called "The Base of Infinite Space". Please remember that these are just names for experiences the likes of which we are not familiar with. It just feels like infinite space -- it doesn't necessarily mean we are able to experience all the space in the universe. According to the suttas, you enter the fifth Jhana by "not giving attention to diversity". This isn't much detail, but then there is very little "how to" detail about any of the Jhanas. Many people enter the fifth Jhana by shifting their attention from the primary factor of the previous Jhana to the boundaries of their being. They then start to mentally push these boundaries outward. If you can continue to focus on imagining your boundaries growing ever larger so that you fill the room, the building, the neighborhood, the city, etc., you will eventually experience a sudden shift and find your self in a huge expanse of empty space. The first time entry into "The Base of Infinite Space" is often quite dramatic. You seem to be observing an incredibly large, empty expanse of space. It can feel like walking up to the edge of the Grand Canyon and looking over, but there is no other side and no bottom.

If you want to try to cultivate the jhana's through meditation one popular method is described here: (The link I quoted above is a sort of continuation of this web page)

The way I meditate is somewhat similar although I developed the method independently, the level concentration you need is even less (ie. it is even easier to do):

(Hard Jhanas involve a more intense level of concentration that very few people ever experience, and there is some disagreement about which the Buddhist scriptures refer to. Jhanas are not limited to Buddhism but I am using the Buddhist definitions because I'm familiar with those.)
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