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(02-08-2018, 11:51 AM)Valmar Wrote: Can you post the link you found this at, Desperado?

Here Valmar. Novella doesn't point to any specific papers and I believe he said he would send the ones he was referencing to Alex in an email afterwards. Alex pressed him and the "papers" never were linked to him

I have since inquired about Novellas claims with Irreducible Mind author Ed Kelly, who extensively looked over the same studies I imagine Novella is talking about while researching for his before mentioned book. And Ed definitely had a different opinion: 
Quote:The skeptical literature is full of bogus analogies between NDEs and all sorts of other things they slightly resemble. One good way to tell them apart is in terms of aftereffects - unlike things they're compared to, NDEs often have enormous transformative impact. My colleague Bruce Greyson is especially sensitive to this aspect of NDEs because he like other psychiatrists spends a lot of his time trying to help people make tiny gains in their lives over weeks and months or more, gains that are eclipsed by what happens to NDEers in seconds or minutes.

Steven Novella, BTW, is a Promotor Fidei, an Inquisitor on behalf of the prevailing bankrupt physicalism, and one of the worst of the professional skeptics. 
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