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Belief in Bigfoot?
Looking to understand forum users' beliefs in bigfoot. The guy who was installing a door for me yesterday was talking about how bigfoots had been seen here in upstate new york. Curious if anybody here is onboard. I'm a very strong "lean no" for whatever it's worth. Thanks!
"Belief" is such a strong word.
"Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before..."
My belief is that Sasquatch are people and the government agencies (dept of fish and wildlife etc) know it but it would create political problems (Sasquatch rights, protecting Sasquatch, protecting environment, citizenshiip etc) if they made it public. The main problem would be protecting the safety and security of the Sasquatch themselves who are not in danger at this time, so it is really for the benefit of the Sasquatch that they are kept from public knowledge. Other reasons for secrecy iniclude the possibility that genetic studies would turn our ideas of human origins and evolution upside down*, and reports of psychic abilities of the Sasquatch.


Sasquatch Are People DNA sequence studies by Dr. Melba Ketchum show that the Sasquatch are a hybrid of human and an unknown primate species:

Wood Ape Sightings: Correlations to Annual Rainfall Totals, Waterways, Human Population Densities and Black Bear Habitat Zones by Daryl Colyer & Alton Higgins

The title of  this paper is hard to understand, what it means is that they found bones with teeth marks that were made by a large non human primate near Mount St. Helens:

Using Biotic Taphonomy Signature Analysis and Neoichnology Profiling to determine the identity of the carnivore taxa responsible for the deposition and mechanical mastication of three independent prey bone assemblages in the Mount St. Helen’s ecosystem of the Cascade mountain range by Aaron Mills, Gerald Mills, M. N. Townsend

* Humans are a hybrid of chimps and pigs. There are 90 characteristics of pigs that are also found in humans but are not found in any other primate species:
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Sasquatch is the result of the Anunnaki's genetic manipulation of the hominid species millions of years ago. We are the product of that manipulation, those hominids that were left to 'natural' evolution became Sasquatch.

An interdimensional being.
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